A reminder of what really counts in this season of giving…

Amid the lights and food and family and joy that makes Christmas Holiday celebrations so special, I frequently find my thoughts turning to those less fortunate – both around us here in Canada, and abroad.   And this story, of a young orphan boy I met in Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Gorge many years ago, is a constant reminder for me that its not ‘what we have,’ but rather ‘the spirit we have,’ that makes all the difference.  And that so often it is those with the very least, that give the very most.

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Gear Reviews

Trailbreaker Jacket and Pants from Outdoor Research

First light. First tracks. It’s a manta for those hungry enough to break trail to reach untouched backcountry snow. But with this very specialized love comes the need for a specialized clothing system, one that takes into account the terrain, the uphill push of setting the skin track in snow up to your knees and the rewards of skiing long runs in pure, alpine powder.

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