Flow of the Fedchenko

Emelie Stenberg pulled out a map of the Pamirs and walked us through her plan to traverse the Fedchenko Glacier in Tajikistan. Her idea sounded horrible. Vince and I were hooked. So we started planning the longest and most ambitious expedition of our lives. Story by Holly Walker, photos and video by Vince Shuley

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Gear Reviews

Mountain Bike Bag Dump

It can be tricky to choose your kit for a multi-day mountain bike ride. On the one hand, you need appropriate protection from the elements. But on the other hand, you need gear that’s nimble and mobile or the ride won’t be any fun. Here’s the kit I put together for my week-long backcountry ride in Iceland. Each piece individually served a purpose, and when combined, they became an incredibly functional and dynamic system. – Post by Stephen Matthews, MEC Ambassador

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